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Shunfeng UV matte varnish

UV Varnish

Shunfeng UV matte varnish


Product Features


Unique Matte Effect: Achieve an elegant, subtle matte finish that adds a level of sophistication to your printed items, perfect for those seeking a refined aesthetic.
Soft Gloss: Unlike the intense sheen of glossy finishes, our varnish provides a gentle glow that enhances the printed product without overwhelming it with shine.
Enhanced Wear Resistance: Our varnish not only beautifies but also fortifies, offering improved resistance to wear and tear, thus ensuring the longevity and durability of your prints.
Odorless Application: Enhance your production environment with our odorless varnish, ensuring a more pleasant experience for operators and end-users, and facilitating a cleaner printing process.
Compatibility with UV Inks: Specifically formulated to work seamlessly with a variety of UV inks, our varnish ensures perfect integration into your existing printing process, without affecting the ink quality.
Online Varnishing Capability: Increase efficiency with the ability to apply this varnish in tandem with inks during the printing process, streamlining production and reducing turnaround time.


Our Matte Finish UV Varnish is suited for an array of printed products that benefit from a matte appearance, including but not limited to: Business and Invitation Cards, Artistic and Photographic Prints, Luxurious Packaging and Labels, Book Covers and Interior Pages, Brochures, Flyers, and Postcards.

Compatible Substrates: This varnish has been developed for compatibility with a diverse selection of substrates, offering reliable and consistent results across:
Various Paper Types (Including Coated and Uncoated), Plastic Sheets and Films, A Wide Range of Specialty Printing Substrates.

Target Markets:
Our Matte Finish UV Varnish is crafted to meet the high-quality expectations of customers in Southeast Asia and Russia. It is the perfect solution for markets that value the combination of elegance, durability, and print quality.
For a printing finish that embodies luxury without the gloss, our Matte Finish UV Varnish is your choice for creating printed products that confidently make a statement. Its superior wear resistance and compatibility with UV inks make it a smart addition to your printing services.


NO Items Test Method Test Equipment Test Standard
1 Fineness GB/T675.1-2007 Scraper fineness meter 0
2 Viscosity GB/T13217.4 Rotary viscometer 300-500PPS
3 Solid Content GB/T17235  Oven 100%-99%
4 Gloss GB/T13217.2  Gloss meter  95±5
5 Adhesion GB9286-1998  3M tape  No shedding
6 Hue GB/13217.1  Visual inspection/color separation instrument  Approximate standard sample ≥ 1.5
7 Dry GB/T13217.5  UV curing machine 3000W/60m*2 lamp

*Note: The viscosity is tested with a rotary viscometer (NDJ series), (Shanghai Nirun, Shanghai Jingke), American BROOKFIELD, unit : centipoise · second.