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Shunfeng SF-1055 water based matte varnish

Water Based Varnish

Shunfeng SF-1055 water based matte varnish




SF-1055 Water-Based Matte Varnish: Superior Finish for Premium Packaging
Introduce a touch of understated elegance to your printed materials with SF-1055 Water-Based Matte Varnish. This environmentally friendly varnish is expertly crafted to provide a luxurious matte finish, enhancing the visual and tactile appeal of your packaging.

Product Features

Distinctive Matte Effect: The SF-1055 Varnish is perfected to deliver a beautiful matte finish, reducing glare and giving your prints a contemporary, refined appearance.
- Gentle Tactile Sensation: Beyond its visual appeal, this varnish creates a smooth, soft touch experience that invites consumers to engage with your product.
- Odor-Free: Once dry, SF-1055 is completely odor-free, maintaining the sensory focus on your product without the distraction of residual smells.
- Excellent Weather Resistance: Designed for durability, it resists yellowing over time, ensuring that your products maintain their quality appearance even under varying environmental conditions.
- Quick Drying Time: Efficiency is key in production, and the fast-drying nature of SF-1055 helps speed up processing times, allowing for quicker completion of print jobs.


SF-1055 Water-Based Matte Varnish is the varnish of choice for a diverse range of packaging needs:

- Electronics Packaging
- Food Packaging
- Pharmaceutical Packaging
- Cosmetic Packaging
- Promotional Materials

Its versatility makes it an outstanding addition to packaging lines across various industries looking to add a premium touch to their products.

Compatible Substrates

This varnish boasts wide-ranging compatibility with many printing substrates:

- PE (Polyethylene)
- PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
- BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)
- OPP (Oriented Polypropylene)
- Various types of paper and specialty paper

Whether it's plastic films or paper products, SF-1055 ensures consistent application and beautiful results.

Elevate Your Brand's Packaging:
Choosing SF-1055 Water-Based Matte Varnish means choosing to present your products in the best light. With its stunning matte finish, pleasant feel, and robust performance, this varnish is an ideal solution for brands that value both aesthetics and function. Upgrade your packaging process with SF-1055 and deliver a sensory experience that complements the quality of your products.


Items Test Method Test Equipment Test Standard
Appearance GB_T1721-2008 Visual inspection Milky white
Viscosity GB/T13217.4 With Tu 4# cup @25 33±5s (customize)
Solid content GB/T12005.2 Oven 40±2%
Glossiness GB/T13217.2 Universal type, projection angle 60° 5-15
Adhesiveness GB/T13217.7 3M tape, not lost once Paste the printing surface with 3M tape and pull
Wear-resisting GB T7706-2008 4 lb A4 paper on the coated surface 400 times
After tackiness GB/T13217.8 Temperature 60/humidity 85% RH/24h Non -sticky

*Note: The viscosity is tested with a rotary viscometer (NDJ series), (Shanghai Nirun, Shanghai Jingke), American BROOKFIELD, unit : centipoise · second.