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Shunfeng SF-169 series UV offset printing ink

UV Ink

Shunfeng SF-169 series UV offset printing ink 


Features That Set the Standard


Affordability: Priced to meet the demands of cost-effective production, our ink allows you to maintain high-quality output while managing your budget efficiently.
Super Softness: Experience the extraordinary softness that this ink adds to your print materials, enhancing the tactile quality and ensuring a luxurious feel.
Exceptional Fluidity: Designed for seamless printing, our ink boasts superior fluidity, which not only extends the life of your printing machines but also ensures consistent, clog-free performance.
Vivid Colors: With our ink, witness a spectrum of vibrant colors that bring your artwork to life. Its formulation promises lasting brightness and saturation for every print.
Precision Dot Reproduction: Achieve crisp and detailed prints thanks to the ink’s excellent dot reproduction capabilities, crucial for high-resolution imagery and legible text.
Compatibility: Tailored to function flawlessly with prominent high-speed printers like Heidelberg, Roland, and Komori, ensuring versatility across various printing platforms.

Broad Application Spectrum

Our Enhanced Super Soft Printing Ink is an ideal fit for luxury and standard packaging alike, excelling in applications such as: Wine Box Packaging, Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Cosmetics Packaging.

Its adaptability extends to a range of paper substrates, including: Gold and Silver Cardboard, Laser Transfer Paper, Copper Plate White Cardboard.

Targeted Market Reach: This ink has been developed with a keen understanding of the Southeast Asian and Russian markets, addressing the specific needs and preferences of these regions with precision.

Transform Your Printing Experience: Choose our Enhanced Super Soft Printing Ink and benefit from a product that promises to elevate the quality of your printing outputs while ensuring economic efficiency. It’s not just ink; it’s a cornerstone for businesses looking to thrive in competitive markets by delivering superior printed products to their clientele.


NO Items Test Method Test Equipment Test Standard
1 Fineness GB/T675.1-2007 Scraper fineness meter ≤5
2 Viscosity GB/T13217.4 Rotary viscometer  8-12
3 Solid Content GB/T17235  Oven 100%-99%
4 Gloss GB/T13217.2  Gloss meter  65±5
5 Adhesion GB9286-1998  3M tape  No shedding
6 Hue GB/13217.1  Visual inspection/color separation instrument  Approximate standard sample ≥ 1.5
7 Dry GB/T13217.5  UV curing machine 3000W/60m*2 lamp

*Note: The viscosity is tested with a rotary viscometer (NDJ series), (Shanghai Nirun, Shanghai Jingke), American BROOKFIELD, unit : centipoise · second.